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Deliver the right utility to the right holders.

Craft personalized experiences and deliver relevant utilities to your holders based on their attributes and behaviours. No code needed.

Stand out with powerful utilities.​

Create exclusive experiences for your holders with ready-to-go utilities. Get inspired, pick a template, and make it your own — in minutes.

Keep utilities on track, all in one place.​

Make the most of your time and keep yourself organized and productive with one clear view across your utility campaigns.

Platform partners

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Scan with Metamask & verify your NFT to redeem special discount.


Big Boss Publika
Food & beverage
Rumah Tangsi
Events / spaces
The G Hard Pro Shop
Product / service
Makan Heritage
Food & beverage
Food & beverage

Use Case

Ticketing Service
Verification of NFT as tickets to exclusive events or venues.
Merchant Voucher
Discount or membership card to existing retailers / merchants.
Wallet/Data collection
Research and data point by strategic placement of QR code.
Interactive NFT
Gamifying in real life events with NFT.

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